RC Quadcopter Drone – Helicopter with HD Camera and 6 Axis Gyro for Precise Movement. Easy to use with plenty of tricks to perform.


Drones aren’t always the easiest things to figure out, especially when you’re just getting started. HoverBlast is perfect for working your way from beginner to expert drone pilot, thanks to its THREE-SPEED setting options and easy-to-maneuver design. It’s made to be sleek, lightweight, and durable – enough to survive moderate impact against obstacles. Its Low Battery Alarm and One-Key Return function both give you more control over the drone, and help you prevent crashes and damage. Its high-tech built not only allows it to turn 360-DEGREE FLIPS AND OTHER TRICKS, but also to fly safely in the dark – thanks to the built-in LED lights. And best of all, you’re backed by our 100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee!


Product Features

  • DESIGNED FOR AWESOMENESS: Meet HoverBlast, easy to use with built-in HD video camera that’s perfect for beginners and masters alike. This pre-assembled high performance aircraft is ready to take to the skies as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. 6 Axis Gyro with position control guarantees precise movements and easy maneuvering, making it easy to control. Flight time: up to eight awesome minutes.
  • LIGHT AND SLEEK with 360 DEGREE FLIPS AND ROLLS: HoverBlast’s fully enclosed body is made of material that’s lightweight, flexible, and durable – allowing it to withstand moderate impact on walls, furniture, or other outdoor obstacles. Even better, its design makes it the perfect drone for turning tricks – dazzle your friends with every type of filp and roll at the push of a button. What better gift for kids who love flying rc toys ?
  • HD FLYING CAMERA and LED LIGHTS: With the HD camera, take crystal clear high definition photos and videos from a bird’s-eye / arial view. If you’re using this drone when it’s dark out, you won’t need worry about crashing – HoverBlast is equipped with ultra-bright LED lights for safe flying at night.
  • SWEET FEATURES: Thanks to the low battery alarm function, you’ll always know when your drone is low on power – allowing you to bring it safely back to home base. One-key return lets your drone know that it’s time for landing, and enables it to come back to you all on its own. Call it an airplane or a helicopter or just HoverBlast.
  • OUR PROMISE: We at Proxelle are all about making sure you get the absolute most out of your shopping experience with us. The satisfaction of our customers reflects in our reviews and ratings, which is something we treat as the highest priority.

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