ARRIS X-Speed FPV250 FPV 250 Racing Drone RC Racer Quadcopter Assembled BNF (Type B/2204)

The picture showed battery is for reference only, not include. You need to purchase separately. (ASIN: B00WQU0WR8)
BNF means you only need to have your own battery, charger and transmitter, then you could fly it. Our technician had assembled this quadcopter and have tested it and pre-flied. 
How to set radio with XSPeed 250: (Take Radiolink AT9 as example)

ARRIS X-Speed 250B FPV racing drone comes with high quality ARRIS 2204 brushless motor(New Version), ARRIS Simonk 20A ESC, 6 inches nylon plus 30% carbon fiber propeller, 700TVL HD Digital CCD Video Camera, CC3D flight controller .

Dimension: 196mm x 236mm x 61mm (Propeller does not include)
Diagonal Wheelbase: 265mm 
Flight Controller:CC3D flight Controller
Camera: 700TVL HD video camer
Frame Material: Carbon/glass fiber composited sheet
BNF weight: 400g

Package Include: 
1 x ARRIS X-Speed 250B Racing Quad Frame (ASIN: B014EOH0VE)
4 x ARRIS 2204 Brushless Motor (2CW + 2CCW) (ASIN: B00VHMRM2E)
4 x ARRIS 20A Simonk ESC (ASIN: B01195SMMW)
4 x ARRIS 6045 nylon plus 30% carbon fiber propeller (2CW + 2CCW) (ASIN: B00XMMLHTQ)
1 x Mini CC3D Flight Controller (ASIN: B014R1G060)
1 x 700TVL HD camera (ASIN: B00U2CBOKQ)
1 x LED

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly (not included):
Lipo Battery: 3S 11.1V 2200mAh (ASIN: B00WQU0WR8)
FPV Video Transmitter (ASIN: B01C2CED9M)
Radio Set: Transmitter and Reciver (6-channel or more) (ASIN: B0152VO92G)
Monitor/FPV Goggles (ASIN: B01BWO29PQ)

Product Features

  • The motor arm of the ARRIS X-Speed 250B adopts single layer plate structure.
  • The angle of the FPV camera on it is adjustable (0 degree to 15 degree pitch up).
  • The use of vibration damping plate can not only provide you better quality videos, decrease the damage to the frame during crash but also prolong the service life of the electronic parts.
  • ARRIS X-Speed 250B adopts ultrahigh copper pure PCB board.
  • ARRIS X-Speed 250B comes with a high brightness LED.

2 thoughts on “ARRIS X-Speed FPV250 FPV 250 Racing Drone RC Racer Quadcopter Assembled BNF (Type B/2204)”

  1. Weak frame and flawed power distribution board Poor frame design leads to the arms bending at the mounting points and damage to other frame components. I had arms bending after very minor crashes. Poor quality CF cracks in minor crashes. The power distribution board frame integration seems like a good idea, except that it’s flawed in its execution and caused a short to the carbon fiber frame after a couple minor crashes.

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